Our Services

  • Backup and storage on a nigh-infallible serversridut

    All of the footage that comes to us gets backed-up on a highly secure server that has hundreds of terabytes of space.

    This server allows us to store all of the materials of the movie until the online process, while still being accessible and available enough to get to the footage with ease.

  • Backup on LTO tapeslto

    We can back the footage again on durable LTO tapes.

    LTO tapes survive for at least 15 years if kept in the right environment.

    LTO is the safest, cheapest option for long-term storage.

    We keep them in fire-proof safe, so they are protected from the the elements.

    An option is available for a 3rd storage, in the south part of Israel.

  • Converting and organizing for editing in AVIDavid

    Safe Tera Byte has a wealth of editing systems, mostly running AVID, that we use to convert footage for offline according to the request of the producer/editor/director/post-production company, etc, and to bring back the original footage for online.

    We will organize the footage by shooting day.

  • Accessible cloud archivenagish

    Safe Tera Byte has massive cloud storage space, that we use to manage, organize, and index your file archive.

    We can manage for you a watching license that the production can give out, according to it’s needs.

  • Video cloud archiveanan

    Long-time large-space storage on the cloud can get quite pricey, which is why we generate light-weight MP4 files to upload to the cloud, so that you can see the footage from anywhere, and at any time, on any device.

    Watching access passes according to costumer request.

  • FTP services – send&receive video files from 20GB and upwardsftp

    Software and hardware specifically for sending and receiving large files at maximal speeds to the entire world.

    We have an FTP server that is available for productions that need to move large files: between 20GB and 2TB, in a secure connection.

    We are wired to the Internet via optic-fiber cables, which give us a regulated, professional connection that can go between 20-250 GB per hour.

  • Most of our costumers hire our services for a 10-18 month range, depending on the productions expectations for how long the post-production Will take