• Receiving  footage

    we can take your footage at the end of every production day, and immediately save it in our server and on LTO tapes, thus ensuring that your files are secure and that no footage will be lost from the filming.
    we have the systems to take large volumes of files quickly and efficiently, 24/7.
    you can save your crew a lot of backup and loading time on-set if we do it here instead
    you save money on renting or buying special equipment for unloading cards, and on hard-drives to keep all that footage.
    we prevent the human error that comes with uploading files from the field.

  • Backup on a private server

    we backup all of the footage that comes our way to a massive private server.
    saves time and money when matching for online.
    all of the footage is accessible for any purpose at any stage of the production.
    no need to buy hard drives to keep the original footage.
    the server saves you money on buying hard drives for the source materials.

  • Backup on digital LTO tapes

    the tapes are secure and will survive for 15 years in optimal conditions.
    LTO tapes are the safest, cheapest solution for long-term storage.
    the tapes are used as a second (and third) backup, in addition to the server.
    the tapes keep the files as-is, without further changes, and will thus work with any OS.

  • Conversion to a cloud that could be watched from anywhere

    easy to reach cloud storage that you can watch from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.
    give access to the people who need it (director, editor, producer, etc.)
    no need to rent editing rooms just to see footage.
    no need to keep continuity through shooting days, you can always watch the footage from yesterday.
    we do this in a fast, reliable way that we know very well.
    you save money on renting cloud storage.
    the cloud will stay in the air until the production is done, and it will save you a lot of money in editing rooms costs..

  • Conversion to offline for avid

    no need for a digitator.
    no need for an editing room just to convert.
    no worries about converting back to online.
    we do it in a process that we are well-trained and very experienced in.
    in most cases there is no need for a post-production manager until the online stage.

  • Sound and multi-camera syncs

    we are prepared to receive syncs, so that our professionals can efficiently preform them.
    the syncs can happen a day after production, so you can OK the precision and quality of the production.
    the work is done by experienced workers.

  • Online

    minimal time to get the footage sampled back to online (for a movie or an episode in a series)
    you can send samples (from promos to full films) through the Internet so you don’t have to physically send a mass anger.
    the online is always kept at the highest possible quality.
    no need to buy hard drives to keep and transfer the finished movie.
    no need to rent an editing room just to transfer to online.
    changes and fixes can be transferred through the web in minimal times, and without physical messengers.

  • Distribution

    Safe TB has a private server, so the prices of transfers stay minimal.
    no need to be in the same room to watch the rough cut, you can see it from anywhere through the cloud.
    no need to send messengers to transfer the finished movie to the academy or to festivals, we can send it for you.

  • Help during post production

    25 years of experience with TV and editing systems.
    helping you build an efficient work-flow.
    help in avoiding loss of footage, the same work twice, etc.
    a catalog of the archive in google drive with links to all the footage will be built upon request.

  • Private server

    quick upload of files through the net.
    the server can transfer files between 20GB to 2TB.
    access licenses can be issued.