About Us

Safe TB: advanced solutions for TV and film productions, and accessible cloud archive

Safe TB has a professional and reliable crew with specialized systems, and fast Internet outputs
the full solution for productions in Israel and in the world to backup and store video files in high resolutions and weights

The company is managed by Shalom Lechiany, with over 25 years of experience

Due to the rapidly increasing camera market that keeps getting better resolutions and heavier files, there is a need for a long-term, constant, professional solution, to store and archive these ever-larger files, and that will always be ready get more files, and all this should be done without getting into huge unexpected costs.
this is why we developed this service, to take all the worry out of working with digital files, in the goal of giving a quieter work, safer work-flow, and more time to those that need to tell a good story

The realm of files is has massive advantages, but it requires deep understanding and a safe, tried-and-true work method, and a professional, specialized system.
we give a solution of work-flow to this digital realm, reeding the production of the need to to buy or rent expensive equipment, computers and programs

Safe TB provides a professional service: receiving files at the end of every shooting day, double backup, conversions, archiving, and online, through the post-production, and all the way to the screening and distribution.
The work method we employ in Safe TB decreases spending on the post-production, helps avoiding unexpected expenses, and gives safety and quietness in a the realm of digital media.
All of this frees up the precious time of crew, the director, the editor, and allows the production to control it’s expenses more thoroughly